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Apothecary Press is a leading publisher of pharmacy law review materials that are designed to prepare candidates for pharmacy law licensing examinations and pharmacy practice.

We specialize in providing help to pharmacy students as they complete their education and begin to prepare for the pharmacy law and the MPJE© exams.

Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law, 9th Edition

by Barry S. Reiss, Ph.D. and Gary D. Hall, M.S.
(authors of Lange Q&A Pharmacy)

This BEST SELLER is a comprehensive, easy-to-study guide to current federal pharmacy law.

It is designed to help you review the most important federal pharmacy statutes and regulations, including the newest changes in the

  • Rescheduling of controlled substances.
  • Medical Marijuana programs.
  • Generic substitution of biosimilars.
  • New DEA rules that permit pharmacies to collect controlled substances for disposal.
  • FDA regulation of compounding.
  • Drug Quality and Secruity Act (DQSA).
  • Do Not Compound list.
  • Medicare changes.
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Expedited programs for serious conditions.

and much more.

This book is designed to assist candidates in preparing for pharmacy law examinations in all states.

Also includes over 350 federal law practice questions and answers

List Price: $59.95